FlourMix was created to restore power and trust to users and the community.

Farming Is Live

What is
FLO Token?

FlourMix is an BEP-20 token created to become a store of value on the Binance Smart Chain. We chose to limit the supply to only 300,000 tokens in order to create real scarcity.

2021 has been an impressive year already with an increasing number of practical and innovative Dapps. However, the increasing number of cryptocurrencies linked to decentralized finance (DeFi) application resulted in the flood of many investors and traders that overwhelmed the DeFi space. It also led to to the loss of investors funds due to poorly crafted projects.
FlourMix is a long term community led project that will create true value through a simple supply/demand strategy. We try to create a self-sufficient and sustainable economy for everyone.

is the real store of value


There is only 300,000 tokens ever. With the limited supply this creates more demand which in turn will push the price into unseen territory. That will help us create more value for the community with real scarcity that will bring awareness to the project and allow us to create a strong brand.

The Power of FlourMix

Utilizing the power of yield farming combined with the scarcity of FLO, FlouMix yield farming provides it's users with an exclusive opportunity to earn in our various liquidity pools. While also securing and locking in their value within the FlourMix ecosystem. You store the value you hold in FLO, while also utilizing it's ability to earn staking rewards.

Look at Our Advantages

Security of
Binance Smart Chain
1 Year
Locked Liquidity


We have big plans for the future
2021 Q1
2021 Q1
2021 Q1
2021 Q1
2021 Q2
2021 Q2
2021 Q2
2021 Q2

1. FLO launched on BSC

2. Farming and Staking started

3. Partnership with other BSC projects

4. CoinGecko & CMC listed

5. Launch FlourSwap

6. New Token launch

7. Farm FLO to get new token

8. Lottery launch